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21st Century Solitaire

Hang loose and have fun with solitaire in your home or when traveling. The game includes twenty-one of our favorite versions to keep you entertained for hours.Click here for information and to buy
Solitaire demoClick here to download solitaire demo

Solitaire tutorial click here

21st Century Cribbage

Have fun playing, learning cribbage. Play against your computer, an opponent who's never a sore loser.Click here for information and to buy

Cribbage demoClick here to download cribbage demo

Cribbage tutorialclick here

21st Century Blackjack

Simulates play just as you'll find at Las Vegas casinos. Use 21st Century blackjack to practice before you head to the casino or just for fun.Click here for information and to buy

Blackjack demoClick here to download blackjack demo

Blackjack tutorial click here

Buy all three card games for $14.95 click here to purchase Solitaire, Cribbage and Blackjack, all for $14.95

Solitaire strategy and rulesclick here

Cribbage rules and strategyclick here

Crib strategyclick here

Blackjack strategy and rulesclick here

Because of new German rules we do not sell our game software into Germany.

*December 31, 2009shipping charge increases to $5.95
Card games: solitaire, blackjack, gin rummy, cribbage. Rules, strategy and demos.